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Ο Κανέλλος, ο Θοδωρής και ο Λουκάνικος στο Wikipedia

Last updated on 19 Μαρτίου 2015

Μπορεί πλέον να τους βρει κανείς στο γνωστό Wikipedia υπό το λήμμα “riot dog“:

Riot Dog

Riot Dog is a term used to describe either of the three (Kanellos, Louk aka Thodoris, and Loukanikos) literal mascot dogs of the protesters of Athens, Greece. For several years a golden/cinnamon colored dog sporting a blue collar has been seen at nearly every riot/protest whether it be peaceful or malicious.


Kanellos (in Greek “Κανέλλος”, which means “cinnamon”) was the first incarnation of Riot Dog. In Greece he was famous since the 1990s when he appears as a puppy in photographs of a general assembly of students in the occupied National Technical University of Athens, where he based his living for the years to come. He became world famous when he was involved in the 2008 Greek riots. Greek photographers capturing riot footage started to notice the dog when he kept appearing in their negatives. Kanellos died in 2008 of unknown causes, thought to only be old age. Kanellos lived to be quite old but had severe arthritis in his final days, motivating the local college student to donate money to purchase him a “doggy” wheel chair and allowing him to live among them indoors until he passed.


The newer Kanellos look-alike is Thodoris, more commonly called Louk, and is thought to be one of Kanellos’ pups. Louk is a light golden colored stray dog, who is up to date on all his shots, hence the blue collar. During his off time he is relaxed and quite mild, though when witnessed during May 2010 Greek riots he can be seen darting through protesters, dodging canisters of tear gas and fire bombs, taking shots of mace, and even growling and barking at the riot police. He is usually well taken care of by the college students of Athens and lives comfortably considering he roams the streets at will.

Known not only for his seemingly intelligent grasp of what is going on around him, he is known for bringing attention to the political crisis in Greece. A problem which has now gained increasing attention due to Riot Dog’s media coverage. He is quickly becoming the face of civil disorder and freedom fighting.


Loukanikos (from Greek “λουκάνικο” which means sausage) is a dog that has been present at nearly every protest in Greece in the past few years. The stray has become the symbol of the Greek protests against the IMF and the EU backed austerity measures that are taking place in 2011.


Many of the protesters say that Riot dog (Kanellos, Louk, or Loukanikos) has been taking part in protests for years. His rise to fame occurred mostly after BBC’s Newsnight created a video montage of the dog in action during the protests, including barking at police in riot gear and running with other protesters away from tear gas.


The legend of riot dogs in Greece can be traced back to 1949 when the poet Yiannis Ritsos (awarded with the Lenin Peace Prize), wrote the poem “Dick” (in Greek, “Ο Ντικ”) about the dog that kept company to the political prisoners and alarmed them of their torturers’ moves at the exile camp of Moudros on the island of Lemnos [18]. Dick was murdered by the guards. In the ’70s after the fall of the colonel’s junta, Thanos Mikroutsikos made a song after Ritsos’ poem. From the third paragraph of his poem, Ritsos talks about the riot dog (literal translation):

And let’s not forget Dick’s monument
Yes, our dog Dick
Who got killed by the guards
Because he loved the exiles too much
Let’s not forget Dick, comrades
Who barked at night
By the gates that faced the sea
And fell asleep at the dawn
At freedom’s bare feet
With the May beetle of the Morning Star
On his raised ear

Now Dick is sleeping in Lemnos
Always showing his left tooth
Maybe the day after tomorrow we’ll hear him again
Barking joyfully in a demonstration
Strolling under our flags
Having, hangning from his left tooth
Dick, he was good”

[Να μην ξεχάσουμε και το μνημείο του Ντικ
ναι, ναι, του σκύλου μας του Ντικ
της ομάδας του Μούδρου
που τον σκοτώσαν οι χωροφυλάκοι
γιατί αγάπαγε πολύ τους εξόριστους

Να μην ξεχάσουμε, σύντροφοι, τον Ντικ
το φίλο μας τον Ντικ
που γαύγιζε τις νύχτες στην αυλόπορτα άντικρυ στη θάλασσα
κι αποκοιμιόταν τα χαράματα
στα γυμνά πόδια της Λευτεριάς
με τη χρυσόμυγα του αυγερινού
πάνω στο στυλωμένο αυτί του

Τώρα ο Ντικ κοιμάται στη Λήμνο
δείχνοντας πάντα το ζερβί του δόντι

Μπορεί μεθαύριο να τον ακούσουμε πάλι
να γαυγίζει χαρούμενος σε μια διαδήλωση
περνοδιαβαίνοντας κάτου απ’ τις σημαίες μας
έχοντας κρεμασμένη στο ζερβί του δόντι
μια μικρή πινακίδα “κάτω οι τύραννοι”

Ήταν καλός ο Ντικ]



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